Business Ventures: Besides his strongman career, Eddie Hall has ventured into businesses, including owning a gym and a supplement company, which significantly contributed to his net worth.

Early Struggles: Eddie Hall faced financial struggles during his early strongman career, even resorting to sleeping in his car to save money for competitions.

Record Breaker: Hall is the first person ever to deadlift half a ton (500kg) in a single lift, a feat that earned him international fame and increased his net worth through sponsorships and endorsements.

Personal Investments: Known for being smart with his earnings, Hall has made successful personal investments in real estate and stocks.

Motivational Speaker: Hall's motivational speaking engagements around the world have become a lucrative venture, providing him with additional income.

Social Media Influencer: With millions of followers across various social media platforms, he is considered a top influencer in the fitness and strength-training niche, attracting more opportunities and earnings.